I am researching Inspiration, The Divine Breath.

I am responding to a mystery. This is the best language I can use to describe that response.

This language is formed by an awareness of nature in the landscape as a conduit for this mystery.

In offering a view from my particular vantage point. I can only describe what I see. What I see is the landscape as a source of romantic and sublime inspiration.

This inspiration is ineffable but that does not mean one should not attempt to describe it to the viewer. As the root of the word suggests it may be perceived as a “Divine Breath” sourced outside of the artist’s personality that breathes life into the work. It is the “Aether” that inhabits the work. Though it may be invited, it cannot be controlled; it is the event of becoming. It is a way of being.

When we are inspired, thankfully, we do not rely upon ourselves alone.

I portray an allegory where the artist and the viewer are portrayed as a labourer awaiting the arrival of The Muse. They meet and from there they travel through many scenes where we begin to see the world through Her eyes. In time the labourer begins to ask the question “Is She my Idea or am I Hers?” The work itself is in the form of large and small objects. I use primarily, paint on canvas with works in resin, bronze, glass, wood, mixed media, readymades, photography and film.

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